New Years Eve 2018 in Bali

The Beauty of Bali Island Enchantment

Bali Island or also known as the island is truly extraordinary charm also rich culture is still very strong inherent in the population. No wonder if the island of Bali is very famous in the world. All the cultural heritage, customs and traditions of its people make this island has always had appeal. By local and domestic tourists. Here are a few attractions in Bali which makes me interesting and impressed on New Years Eve 2018 in Bali:

new years eve 2018 in bali

  1. Kuta Beach

At Kuta Beach Bali as a tourism center is now able to provide complete facilities according to the needs of tourists as various inns and hotels, recreation areas, facilities for sports such as bungy jumping, waterboom. I’m at a time in Kuta Beach really enjoy the beauty of the beaches of pure white sand there, the view is beautiful and very romantic to see the sunset and the waves were high beaches used for surfing. So that impressed me and I did not feel tired at the time at Kuta Beach.

  1. Tanah Lot

The Tanah Lot has a unique history; Pura Tanah Lot was founded in the XV century AD by Dang Hyang Nirartha better known as Professor Bawu Rawuh derived from the kingdom of Majapahit in Java. Pura Tanah Lot is located on the sea or separated from the mainland and around Pura Tanah Lot temple; there are also several small and large, among others Pura Pekendungan. Below and to the west there is a source of fresh water that is for the people of Hindu holy water.

Under Pura Tanah Lot there are several caves in which lived some sea snakes black and white. These snakes are very tame and should not be disturbed. Tanah Lot is very interesting to visit because the impression to the tourists.

  1. Lake Bedugul

Bedugul has beautiful scenery and rent a boat look around Bedugul. The air and the weather are cool because Bedugul located in the highlands. In this lake there is a botanical garden which is the only one in Bali, various kinds of fruits and vegetables thrive in this area. The location of this tour too many sellers fruit assortment and in these places utilized by people around to look for sustenance.

Attraction of New Years Eve 2018 in Bali makes people draw on when vacationing there.

  1. Pandavas Beach

Pandavas beach (Beach) is one of the tourist attractions in Bali which has beautiful soft white sand and clear blue water with the atmosphere of a deserted beach and quiet.

In addition, visitors who will enter this beach will be greeted by two cliff / hill huge limestone carvings and sculptures pandawa deliberately placed on the cliff wall. If you are bored with the beach in Bali that you visit frequently try to enjoy the beauty of the beach Pandavas.


The road to the beach Pandavas

Pandavas beach was once referred to as secret beach by tourists because of its location behind the cliff that divides the two roads leading to the beach. Pandavas beach located in South Bali, precisely in the Village Kutuh, District of South Ticks, Badung regency, Bali.


How to get Pandavas Beach? Pandavas to go to the beach you should use your own vehicle, using the services of travel, taxi or rental vehicle because public transportation is rather difficult. This beach can be reached within one hour from Ngurah Rai Airport.

From the Kuta / Denpasar you take the road to Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) after the 1 km from the GWK turn left towards Nusa Dua / Bali Cliff follow the path until there is a T-junction with road signs / directions that reads Pandavas Coast turn left follow the road until intersection and then turn right to arrive at the beach Pandavas. If you are confused should ask the local residents.


what activities you can do in Turkish Pandavas? You can relax, swim or just sunbathing on beach, besides those of you who like water sports, you can rent a canoe with the rental price of 2 USD for those of you who are afraid of drowning is already available to your life jacket.

Oh yes, the beach is also a place pandawa seaweed cultivation in Bali, in the afternoon you can see the fishermen collect seaweed which brought waves onto the beach and then used as food or sold.

Ticket Price

What is the price of admission Pandavas Beach? To enjoy the beautiful beaches of this cost is quite low; you will only be charged 3 USD per person and for foreign tourists 5 USD.


For lodging or hotels available in Turkish Pandavas or you can also book hotels in Nusa Dua Uluwatu or to eat well and not to worry about it is definitely the variety of food available here or if you want to buy a souvenir handicrafts are also available.

Bali remains a favorite destination for travel, both local and foreign tourists. It is not detached from the comfort of the hotel, which merges with the natural beauty.

Spend New Years Eve 2018 in Bali with hotels in Bali indeed rely on their natural panorama of the exotic. The following hotels in Bali which presents the beauty of nature.

Here some of hotels in Bali.

Good Karma Bungalows

Located in the North-East coast of Bali, Good Karma stood at the foot of Mount Agung, the highest peak of the island. The front page of Good Karma Bungalows Direct beach with black sand smooth. In addition, Good Karma Bungalows offer views of a small bay with a beautiful coral right off the beach. Not only that, just drive a half hour to the beach Tulamben, then you can scuba or diving while enjoying the beauty beneath the sea.

Mu Bali

Its location is not directly adjacent to the beach, but being 60 meters above the limestone hills. However, the location conditions remind travelers returning to the roots of bohemian Bali, with thatched and airy pavilion. Here, tourists can also enjoy the panoramic view of the Indian Ocean with some of the best surfing spots in the dunia.Selain, Mu layout is also not far from the legendary Uluwatu which has waves like in Hawaii, which is just 10 minutes by foot.

Gaia Oasis Retreat Resort

To achieve this need to go to the village of Tejakula on the northern coast of Bali. Here you will be spoiled views of rice fields, stone temples and ceremonies. In addition, Gaia Oasis itself has beaches and mountains. The beach itself is quite extensive with more than one hectare.

So what do you think about New Years Eve 2018 in Bali ? Just come and lets happy together

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