New Years Eve 2018 in Bandung

New Years Eve 2018 in Bandung – Stars peak is a name for a tourist area in the Village area Cimenyan, Cimenyan subdistrict, Bandung district, West Java Province. Including RPH Arcamanik, BKPH Manglayang West, North Bandung KPH.

Regions that have an area of 11hektar, is about 8.5 km from the city of Bandung, about 3km from tourist Caringin Tilu (Cartil). Stars peaks can be achieved using a vehicle with four wheels and two wheels through the track towards Saung Angklung Ujo on the road Padasuka.
It equipped with public facilities such as mosque, toilets, shelters, information walls, some of the gatehouse and a parking lot. Make the area which was inaugurated late September 2014 is feasible to be used as a tourist destination is comfortable and representative.

new years eve 2018 di bandung

Bandung city landscape surrounded by mountains can also be seen beautiful views of the region when New Years Eve 2018 in Bandung, as if ignited memories about the origin of Bandung which is a large lake or known by the term ancient lake.

Stars peak crowded in the visit during the afternoon. If the weather is sunny, light orange tinge sunset seen leaking back hills, and shadow effects (silhouette) amazing light. It could be to get a sight like that in Bandung area can only be obtained at the Top Star.

After sunset and it was getting dark, visitors will be spoiled flickering lights twinkling around Bandung that started lit at the seconds turn into the evening twilight. Sunrise also is enjoyed at the Top Star. To view this one usually enjoyed by visitors who do camp activities.
Another exoticism of Star Peak is beautiful panorama of the stretch of the fault Lembang. For those who want to enjoy the visitor must walk towards a point of view. To reach the Lembang Fault, from Star Peak monument visitors must walk eastward penetrate pine forests within approximately 2 km.

Stars have a unique peak lamp (Sign Board) with attractive and colorful star-shaped monument that is large enough. At night time, in addition to the background scenery of Bandung city lights, star lights has become a favorite of visitors when photographed background. For those who like photography, there are many spots in the Peak shooting star.

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Travel thrill of Bandung at Night

Bandung travel at night apparently often hunted by many tourists. Bandung, which has become one of the city’s tourist centers, seemed never to sleep, because enjoying the beauty of Bandung can be done anytime, from morning, afternoon, or even night.

For those of you who are also interested traveled night in Bandung when New Years Eve 2018 in Bandung, there are some places that are worth to visit. The following reviews about fun places to spend the night in the city of Bandung.

In the morning, especially the holidays, this Punclut region is frequently visited by tourists. Punclut plateau which is this is a very suitable place to enjoy the evening Bandung. From here, visitors can see the glitter of Bandung in the distance while accompanied by a dish-Sundanese specialties being sold by traders.

Caringin Tilu may not be as popular as Punclut region, but the charm of the night tour is also no less exciting. In the highlands there is quite a lot of traditional-style cafe serving food menus tempting. When night comes, visitors can enjoy the view of Bandung in the distance. The darkness of night in the sky combined with the glitter of city lights, the scenery is very beautiful and will surely be an unforgettable holiday moment.

Dago Tea House

Bandung travel at night is also worth a try is Dago Tea House, a cultural park that is often visited by tourists. Here we can enjoy a culinary tour Sundanese food while watching a show or performance art. However, the most interesting is when from this place visitors can see the panorama of Bandung at night.

Enjoy the night atmosphere of Bandung not have to always go to the peak or plateau. In the city center we can even walk around because Bandung is never quiet even though it was night. In fact, when the night arrived we could find a lot of snacks or culinary worth a try.

For culinary problem at night, we could find with young almost in every corner of the city of Bandung. However there are certain places that are well known to the culinary night, eg rice bats in Jl.Riau which is open from 7 pm until early morning. There are also food stalls serving food Ceu Mar were Sundanese, open from 8 pm until 8 am. Along this path, we can find any food, ranging from toast, boiled noodles, until corn.

Those are some places that would make the location of New Years Eve 2018 in Bandung at night. Hopefully this information is useful for those who want a night out in the Flower City.

One of the best hotel in Bandung is Hotel Ibis Bandung is one part of the network Accor hospitality industry based in France. The main target of its main marketing is the business community, but do not forget that other segments of travelers.

In Bandung itself, Hotel Ibis is located in the complex of Trans Studio Bandung until recently listed as the largest Accord network in Asia Pacific. Number of rooms in three-star hotel has reached more than 600 units.

Its bedroom is equipped with soft mattresses; pillows to blankets of the same color are white. Color selection is intended to take guests who stay in order to sleep and rest comfortably. In addition to the beds, rooms are equipped with air conditioning, LCD TV, closet, safe, refrigerator and a pot for drinking water.

From this room guests also can see a view of the city who was so beautiful from the window glass. If you want to get even more remarkable panorama, can choose a room that is located on the higher floors. Here can be seen natural scenery is very exciting to enjoy the process of rising or sinking sun in the morning and afternoon.

Although the windows are large, but guaranteed not to reduce the level of guests’ privacy. The use of glass windows that are not transparent when viewed from the outside. The interface is also very beautiful because it was given cover drapery fabric that uses a blend of beige and red. Then you can stay at Hotel Ibis while you are spending time in New Years Eve 2018 in Bandung.

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