New Years Eve 2018 in Lombok

New Years Eve 2018 in Lombok – Lombok Island is widely known as a tourist area. Call it Gili Trawangan, one of the highly coveted tourist destinations by local and foreign tourists. Many rides are able to indulge in it, among them is snorkeling. This activity is pretty much had a fan and Lombok is famous for its beach travel destination would be one of the snorkel.

Only, if I may suggest, Gili Trawangan is not the best place to enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs. Maybe a few years ago-when the island was still empty mini-variety of beautiful colors can still be seen. However, the atmosphere of Gili Trawangan is never empty of visitors plus the construction here and there makes the charm of coral reefs reduced. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the underwater flora and fauna, there is one place that is highly recommended in Lombok. He is “Gili Lights”.

new years eve 2018 di lombok

Lombok actually still has a lot of very nice place to visit but it was still empty. Lights dyke located in East Lombok is one of them. Area east is not yet as popular in western Senggigi and Gili Trawangan in the north. This is a distinct advantage because of the reefs in Gili lamp has not been touched.

Lights dyke is located in the village of Guar Padak, District Sambelia, East Lombok. Initially he was retired army transmigration, so that the area is called “Transad”. Although the name “dyke” (dyke derived from sasak which means “island”), but the lamp is not Gili island but a small port. Fishing boats lined up in the lips, used for fishing or transports guests to snorkel. In addition to these favorite activities, Gili Lights also offers other rides, but still the main vehicle and the most popular is the underwater attractions.

Travel time from Mataram – Gili Lamp approximately 2-3 hours. Lombok rare public transportation so as to achieve it did have to use private vehicles. Visitors will be given a choice of snorkeling location. Points snorkel there is no Petagan, Gili Bidara, and Gili Kondo. If you want the complete package-snorkel in Petagan, Bidara Gili, Gili Kondo, and bonuses to Gili Sand / Gili Ship and charges amounted to 450 thousand. Price does not include rent snorkel equipment and life vest, which is 25 thousand / unit. Highly recommended to take a complete package for each point offering different beauty. Oh yes, the price that much visitors can rent a boat as much indefinitely.

Wine from ports to snorkel quite far away. First of all ships will go to mangrove forests in the middle of the sea. Plant shaped like a bush protruding from the surface of the sea, like a row of neatly lined up the forest. Underneath, immersed in the sea is not so deep, the grass looks straight embryo. The driver steers the ship passed through the mangrove lined up on the right and left, as if walking along the edge of the sea in the tropical rain forest

If lucky, a visitor can be made amazed to see small fish jumping around as if flapping wings. The first point of our visit is to Gili ship. We are actually in the form of black sand, sand mainland mini come to the surface, especially when there is low tide. At that time we were lucky because the middle shows his face charred.

Soon, the ship was headed first snorkeling location, somewhere in the middle of the sea, called “Petagan”. Excess snorkel in Gili Lamp is a wealth of coral reefs in color and still clear of human destruction. We really can satisfy your eyes take in the beauty of God’s creation of the Almighty.

The next location is Gili Bidara. As the name implies, it is a small island across from the island of Lombok. Near the coastal line of coral reef-dazzling coral reefs. Among all locations snorkel in Gili Lights, Gili Bidara is a place with the most beautiful coral reefs! Just need vigilance to snorkel here. Snorkeling spots are in the shallow waters making it easy for visitors to stand; with at essentially there are many sea urchins. Rigid spines like a spear grim blackish legs ready piercing without protection. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose where to stand or use flippers (at Gili lights also hire flippers, apart from rent snorkel equipment). If punctured urchins, destroying the thorn in the foot beaten out using crushed rock up, then use a safety pin to remove it.

After snorkeling, visitors can ask to be taken to Gili Bidara. According to information from the guide who drove us, Gili Bidara, despite all mini-sized, occupied by some fishermen. There are some houses near the outskirts of the island. The soil was tilled by the population topped a field (I had asked what was planted there, but unfortunately all the memories easy to disappear. Indeed, there was nothing there, but tolerable to take a photo.

Gili Trawangan is very fascinating. Starting from its natural beauty, until the people were very friendly. There, there is no certain element in the name of religion for minority interests. Although the majority of people there are Muslims, but they are not bothered by the presence of tourists predominantly others. Their mutual respect of each other.

After being visited in Gili Trawangan, do not forget to stop by the two other islands very close to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili namely Air. Both are no less exotic than Gili Trawangan.

Gili Trawangan there are many activities that can be done, such as Snorkeling, Fishing, Sunbathing on the beach, biking, water sports, diving, walking, climbing the hill dyke trawangan to enjoy a beautiful sunset view.

To enjoy a unique culinary culinary-Lombok or western-style food and barbeque Art Market / Night Market place, Formerly this night market is held open space for art or traditional events held by teenagers or Native Gili Trawangan Gili Trawangan like show Presehan , even though still up to now but it is rare. The night market is open from 6:00 pm until midnight but depending crowds of visitors.

From year to year on New Years Eve 2018 in Lombok the island of Gili Trawangan more dibagun star hotels such as Hotel Ombak, Gili Trawangan Aston Villa and Hotel Villa Ombak long-standing. A variety of accommodation options that we can choose to holiday in Gili Trawangan ranging from Hostel, bungalows, hotels, and villas.

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