New Years Eve 2018 in Yogyakarta

New Years Eve 2018 in Yogyakarta – Jogja is never-ending. Yogyakarta remains one of favorite choice for sightseeing. Despite numerous visits to Yogyakarta, we like will never run out of places

As an area that has many migrants, Jogja has never sleeps. Day and night equally hectic. Some of you may be more likely to explore exciting places in Yogyakarta during the day. In fact, there are many places in Yogyakarta that it would be more fun when visited at night. Where is it?

Jogja as never sleeps. 24 hours in Jogja always filled by people with a variety of activities. Whether you’re newcomers aiming for traveling or college, here are seven of the most exciting places in Jogja that must visit if you have time. Do not miss it!

new years eve yogyakarta 2018

  1. Tugu Jogja, the Icon of Jogja

Obviously you cannot skip this one place when he was in Yogyakarta. This is its icon of Yogyakarta, a monument that became the pride of the people of Yogyakarta. This is where a lot of people take pictures and then uploaded to social media as proof that they were in Yogyakarta

Although the location is in the middle of the street, but Tugu Jogja never empty of visitors. While walking across this monument there must be who are looking for the best pose for photos. Do not admit ever to Jogja if not stop here

  1. Malioboro And Zero Kilometer

Yes, of course. Malioboro also not be overlooked when you’re playing to Yogyakarta. Malioboro is not just a shopping place, Maliboro a small picture of the communities in Yogyakarta. In this place you can get items creative art of the people of Yogyakarta

Walk in Malioboro from the northern end to the southern end of the zero kilometer point nearby you will find a uniqueness that you will not get elsewhere. Malioboro is one of the best places in Indonesia for pedestrians. Having exhausted every corner along Malioboro you can hang around zero kilometers while watching some of the attractions that are usually held there. Enjoy the crowded in Jogja and you will be longing to return

  1. South Square

Late in the afternoon until nightfall, South Square Jogja will begin crowded by young people who want to enjoy an afternoon with people nearby. South Square is so very great place to enjoy New Years Eve 2018 in Yogyakarta.

While enjoying a peaceful afternoon, you can also try the game Masangin that test concentration levels. In addition Masangain game, you can also enjoy the thrill of the afternoon until the evening at the South Square while playing air bubbles or around using bike tours are widely available there.

  1. Bukit Bintang

Bukit Bintang is also an exciting place to enjoy the beautiful night in Yogyakarta. Bukit Bintang is an area that is located on a side street Jogja-Wonosari. About 30 km from the city of Yogyakarta. During the afternoon until evening this place will be crowded visited by young children and outside of Jogja Jogja

This place has indeed been developed for tourist areas. There are several cafes serving Jogja beautiful night scenery. Location Bukit Bintang is ideal to see the sparkling lights of the city of Yogyakarta that looked like a star sparkling.

  1. Park Lantern in Monjali

To enjoy the beauty of the lanterns you do not have to wait for the Chinese New Year. In Yogyakarta there Lantern Park or also commonly called the Rainbow Garden that presents the beauty every day. The park is located in the area Monument Jogja Kembali alias Monjali

In the park there are many lantern lanterns in various shapes funny that everything will emit attractive light. The location of the park is in the street lantern northern ring road in Sleman. Come here and enjoy the beauties of lanterns that are there

  1. Campingin Ancient Volcano Nglanggeran

Ancient Volcano is a collection of giant boulders that make up the mound like a mountain. This place could be an interesting idea for camping in Yogyakarta. It took less than two hours to get to the peak of Ancient Volcano so that anyone can join trekking

Around the peak of Ancient Volcano area are quite spacious camping grounds. There you can set up tents while exclamation-call with friends under the starry night sky Jogja. On the way you will find several substations of view that can be used to rest while enjoying the night view of the city. Similar in Bukit Bintang

  1. Beach Camp at the beaches of South Mountain

Have you ever thought for camping on the beach ?. If so, you could make beaches in Gunung Kidul as beach camp locations you. Beaches in Gunung Kidul are always on the list of recommendations that required a visit in Yogyakarta. The beaches are not just cool to visit during the day. Night no less exciting single day

Jogja young children hobby traveling normally even come to the beach at night. Set up a tent and build a fire then followed by eating grilled fish. What a wow moment!

Malioboro has always been one of the places not to be missed when visiting Yogyakarta. City students are also commonly known by the name Jogja has many places of interest, as well as shopping centers that will make you smile.

How come? There are many shops selling a variety of clothing, food and so forth at the correct price – really very cheap.

If you want to come to Yogyakarta to enjoy New Years Eve 2018 in Yogyakarta the beauty of this city following are some hotels in Yogyakarta near Malioboro which can be ordered as an option places to stay:

  1. Inna Garuda Hotel

The hotel is located at Jalan Malioboro No. 60. Inna Garuda is a hotel that belongs to the ranks of a 4 star hotel facilities provided by the hotel, no doubt. With a classic feel and wrapped with luxurious and modern facilities, will make you feel comfortable while staying.

Various attractive accommodations you will feel while staying at the hotel, including complimentary internet access, spa and massage, karaoke, tennis courts, a television, a bathroom equipped with a shower, air conditioning, and others.

  1. Hotel Pyreness Jogja

The next hotel is Hotel Pyreness. The hotel is located at Jalan Sosrowijayan No. 1. Located not far from the Malioboro makes it easy to access any path that is filled with a variety of interesting things is.

The service is friendly, and professional Jakarta will make every visitor fall in love with this hotel. Various facilities it offers also quite complete and adequate that will make you feel at

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