Where Is the Best Place to Honeymoon in August 2017?

Best Place to Honeymoon in August 2017 – The end of summer is always a popular time for holidays, but planning to honeymoon in August can be tricky. Your post wedding holiday may fall at a time when the temperatures are high and crowds are large. That said, in fact August is a great time to travel if you know where to go. If you plan to spend your honeymoon in August to escape, consider heading to one of these attractive destinations. These secret corners worldwide give suitable warmth, activities and natural attractions for any honeymooners.


  1. Fiji

Pacific island nation of Fiji is basically the point throughout the year. But in August it is in the middle of the dry season. Also, snorkelers get to experience some of the most obvious conditions this year in Fiji reef water during this month. Long an idyllic honeymoon places, Fiji has more than 300 islands, although only a hundred inhabited. Fringed beaches and locals create an atmosphere ideal for relaxing after the bustle of planning a wedding.

At least one of Fiji is an island paradise in paradise. Laucala private offers 25 villa spread along the beautiful coastline. This resort has all the hallmarks of a tropical idyll: clear water, sweet sand, green shore and even a private pool in each villa pool.

  1. Ireland

August is arguably the best months to honeymoon in Ireland. The End of the summer feature some of the sunniest and driest weather year. Ireland has about 18 hours of daylight in August. Emerald Island has other worth honeymoon traits besides its fine summer weather. Dublin, the main city is rich in historical places and museums such as Trinity College. Couples can honeymoon by clinking point of Ireland’s most famous beer.

Ireland’s romantic side is least likely to feel far from the cities, in the depths of the countryside. Killarney National Park boasts a fairy tale lakes, mountains and woodlands. Then again, perhaps the Ireland romantic drives that offer the perfect honeymoon backdrop. The best trip will take couples along the famous Kerry ring. Honeymoon in Ireland are not limited to the standard hotel. If you chose the couple, they are able to stay in a castle like authentic Castle Leslie in Glaslough in. About 80 minutes drive from Dublin, this Irish castle provides unique cottages, rooms and thousands of acres of the Irish countryside on foot to explore or horseback.

    3. Greece

Blue domed churches, an uncountable number of islands and ancient wonders black sand beaches: Greece has everything. August in Greece can be busy, but the best time to swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Greek Island temp the couples throughout the year. Santorini sunset is as close to perfection as it gets, while islands such as Mykonos provides a bit of glitter and festive atmosphere. August is one of the busiest airports in the country for cultural festivals. This includes grape harvest events in Rhodes and Samos.

What should you look for in Greece for a honeymoon in August? What about a villa on the sea cliff with an infinity pool from which you appreciate the sea below views? The Zakynthos, Blue Caves Villas, symbolizes the Greek honeymoon experience. These villas and own romantic views cannot be beat.

    4. Canada

It is also a wonderful time to enjoy the natural beauty of Canada. Train ride on the Rocky Mountaineer or take a tour of self-drive from Banff Mountain Express, Calgary, Jasper National Park and Vancouver. The Canadian Rockies offers classic train rides, wildlife tours and mountain drives. The eastern region of Quebec and Ontario are very suitable to fly away.

These are some Best Place to Honeymoon in August 2017 that you can visit. Have an enjoyable honeymoon!

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